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In a series of clinics and mentored tournament referee opportunities we will be certifying all that are interested in participating in upcoming tournaments.  Through our program a certificate will be presented stating that you have met the qualifications to be a referee for the US Open Pickleball Championships.

The requirements will be to attend a clinic and then referee several games under the supervision of a qualified referee.  This is to help build confidence and understanding of the responsibilities of a referee.

There are many rewards to being a referee, keeping the matches moving along to assure a more organized an efficiently run tournament.  It makes it easier on the players to concentrate on the match instead of the score and other details.  A better knowledge of the sport for your own enjoyment. Help the tournament directors and volunteers run a successful tournament.

This is a great opportunity to give back a little.  Please sign up and we will contact you with the upcoming opportunities to be part of this important part of the pickleball world.