Veteran’s Community Park, Naples, FL – Heard through the Grapevine!

Veteran’s Park has 8 temporary courts right now…..last year at this time there were 4 temporary courts and shortly there after over 100 pickleball players showed up. By January of 2015 there was a need for 4 more temporary courts as 150 players were showing up. By the end of season, April 2015, Dominic Catalano, Director of the program for the pickleball playing participants….say that four times fast…..there are over 250 players and the need for more courts.

Well, the time has come and word on the street is the construction of 8 New permanent pickleball courts will be under construction beginning November 1, 2015 and (I don’t believe it) completed by December 31, 2015!  We’ll keep you up to date…..stay tuned.

Dominic has two tournaments planned for this upcoming season The 1st Annual Pickleball Skill Level Turkey Shootout, November 12-13, 2015 and the 2nd Annual I Love Pickleball Skill Level Tournament.

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