Halloween Results!

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Thank all of the volunteers who took time out of their day to help make history on 5th Avenue in Naples, FL.  This is the first time that pickleball was played on the prestigious 5th Ave!  A fabulous afternoon and evening of fun and great pickleball!  Special thanks to my wonderful wife Carol who puts up with all my crazy ideas and then supports them as well!

Thanks to Kyle Yates, Paddletek Paddles, Josh, Rachel, Jodi and Robert Elliott, Engage Pickelball for taking time out of their busy schedules to show 30,000 visitors how the sport is played.  Yes that’s correct, according to the local authorities there were 30,000 visitors that passed through during the event.  There were a constant audience for the 5 hours that pickleball was being played during this event.

Thanks to Commissioner Donna Fiala for coming down and spending time with us to show her continued support for the sport of pickleball.  Also, thanks to the many sponsors that helped make this event possible!

US Open Pickelball Championships

Foxboro’s Restaurant

The Commons Club at the Brooks


Everblades Hockey

John R. Woods

Ellen M. Seigle Campaign

Pickleball Us

Enita Kushi Law Firm

Pickleball For All

Premier Realty

Platinum Properties

TRP Partners

Russell Tuff 

Pure Naples

Summit Broadband

Wynn’s Market




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